Student online bridge course

BC de Lombard and the student bridge clubs from various Dutch cities organize:

  Bridge in a month
  Online course for students in 4 evenings

Join with a few friends or just register yourself!

Bridge is widely considered the most challenging card game to play. In our course of four evenings you learn the basics, after which you can play directly (online). The great thing about bridge is: no matter how long you play, you can always get even better. However, having fun with each other is the most important reason for young people to play bridge!

The course is taught online by Dutch top or semi-top bridge players. You have contact with your own group and the teacher via video calls and you will soon play your first games. The course is weekly on Wednesday evenings and the next edition starts on 9 june 2021, 20.00-22.30.  Interested, but on other dates? Please let us know and we keep you informed.

We will create a special English language group if at least 8 students register.

Register here before June 7th : Registration form
We use your mobile number to create a Whatsapp group with students and teachers.

  • You can register individually or as a group! You do this by agreeing a group code (eg a word or a group name) with the people you are participating with and you register.
  • The total costs for participation are € 15, including teaching materials and access to the online playing environment. You pay at the start of the course. For more information, mail to Denksportcentrum Rotterdam

Or please contact one of us:

Amsterdam: Yke Smit
Delft: Henk den Boer
Groningen: Sjaak Kempe
Leiden: Leo Huvers
Maastricht: Fleur Beekman
Nijmegen: George Dragt
Rotterdam: Anneke van der Meer
Tilburg: Anouk Casparie
Utrecht: Lian van Beijsterveldt
Overige steden: Anouk Casparie

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